The World Turns

The world continues to turn.  My tinnitus returned with a vengeance on Thursday.  Saturday was horrendous and Saturday night was much tossing and turning and swearing about the noise in my head until I feel into an exhausted sleep sometime after 3am.  When I woke it was better – not cleared but better.  This morning… somewhere in the middle about a 4 on my 10 point scale.  I wonder what triggers it?  I have considered diet drink sweetners as one option as I’ve seen reports on the internet about that and recently I took to drinking them again as part of sort of diet attempt and to cut out more sugar.  I should just drink tap water!

An old blogging friend who’s been on my blogging circle a long time got married at the weekend.  I sent them a little message via Facebook saying “Best of luck for the weekend nuptials. Have a fantastic time :-)”  She replied with “That’s such a lovely surprise to hear from you – so kind- thank you x”.   A little thing but I almost found it a surprise she found it a surprise but then I am a sensitive soul I suppose.   They later posted a terrific picture of the happy couple which simply could be labelled “Joy” and be all that is necessary in a pictorial dictionary to define that word.

Valentine’s Day passed off quietly – my brother and his wife visited and we went for a meal with my grumpy daughter as her boyfriend was travelling to the alps for a skiing holiday with his family.  We discussed that my sister-in-laws daughter had announced as part of her Valentine’s weekend celebrations that she is expecting.  They’ll be busy my nephew’s partner is expecting soon too so a new grandchild each this year for them.  However my wife then told her mother this news and that was met with “When will your two start having children.  I want to be a great-grandmother you know”.   I was tempted to bat back as you do with a demanding toddler “I wants don’t get!”  but I managed again to hold my tongue but the level of entitlement the woman demands is phenomenal frankly.

So the world turns … and I have to accept all I can do is look at how I react and interact with the components of it that rub against me but I can do nothing about its turning.


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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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8 Responses to The World Turns

  1. The sound of one hand clapping. Sorry to hear about your tinnitus. What a cruel trick to play on a musician.

  2. Tinnitus sounds awful. I hope you figure out what triggers it.

    I can’t even think about becoming a grandparent even though it is within the realm of possibility and I have two younger cousins with multiple grandchildren.

    And, of course, having great grandchildren for the great grandma’s sake is the priority (rolling my eyes).

  3. looby says:

    Tinnitus is going to be HUGE once the current generation of teens and twentysomethings grow up and start paying for their anti-social habit of plugging themselves into earphones for 12 hours a day.

    There was a programme about it on the telly recently. One man was so frustrated with it he rammed a screwdriver down his ears. This did indeed solve the problem. He’s deaf now.

  4. Oh, I am sorry about your tinnitus!
    It is very hard to live with.
    I hope you have some peace with it soon!

  5. JJ says:

    My tinnitus flared up too–can’t figure out what does it, although I suspect a link between poor food choices and blood pressure.

    I wonder though after reading your post if it might be a sugar-related thing rather than a blood pressure thingy? Poor food choices = elevated blood sugar = tinnitus, maybe?

    We shall have to gather empirical evidence Graham!!

  6. elsieamata says:

    I’m so sorry that your tinnitus is acting up again. That’s terrible.

    You’re right, you are in control of your reactions not the actions of others. You handled it beautifully. Well done.

  7. Liz Hinds says:

    as a wannabe granny for such a long time I know how hard it is not to nag! But now number 6 is expected so tell MIL to hang on! Good things come to those who wait.

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