Gratitude list

After commenting on her blog Abbiegrrl asked if I’d share a gratitude list on my blog.  So here is today’s ten top things I’m grateful for…

  1. I haven’t had a drink today
  2. I haven’t wanted a drink today
  3. Love of my family
  4. Laughing with friends and family about life’s little trials e.g. my train being delayed for over 30mins due to “a badger on the line”
  5. The sober communities that remind me every day why I need to make sure I maintain my sobriety
  6. Always great music I can find to listen to
  7. Where I live – both my house and the country I’m lucky to be a native of
  8. Feeling healthy
  9. My wealth – both financially and in other respects
  10. Being able to feel without being numbed by alcohol

The top two are my constants – well number one has been for 11+ years and hopefully for a few more days to come.  Number 2 has had to be struck off the list from time to time but generally these days is an ever present gratitude to not have that graving and obsession.

3 – 10 ebb and flow but Love of my family, my sober communities my feeling wealthy and lucky to live where I do in SE England all are regular things I need to remind myself I should be very grateful for.


About furtheron

Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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5 Responses to Gratitude list

  1. abbiegrrl says:

    A very respectable list, my friend! I’m with you on the first two, well, pretty much all of them, really. 🙂 Have a great one.
    “Badger on the tracks”? lol

  2. I will take all of these, and will add #11: Wise and inspiring bloggers who trudge ahead of me on this road of recovery, as they light my way 🙂

  3. Suburbia says:

    I always love your grateful lists, reminds me to be so too.

    Bager on the tracks – do you think they pay him for that?!

  4. byebyebeer says:

    Many wonderful things on that list. Hope the badger made it another day!

  5. elsieamata says:

    I love number nine because the wealth isn’t just money but mind as well and you have that sobriety to know that. That’s where emotional sobriety comes in and I love that! Thank you for the reminder to update my gratitude list. It’s been far too long.

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