It’s obvious to me

Earlier this month the UK government issued new guidance on alcohol intake.  The new limits state…

“The new advice says men and women who drink regularly should consume no more than 14 units a week – equivalent to six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine.

Pregnant women should not drink at all.

It also says if people drink, it should be moderately over three or more days and that some days should be alcohol-free.

Nor should people “save up” their units and drink them all in one or two goes. Heavy drinking sessions increase the risk of accidents and injury, it says.”

I looked at this and thought two things instantly.

  • Six pints of beer… that used to be a lunchtime whilst at work for me!
  • Drink moderately over three of more days… that’s 2 a day max on only 3 days a week.  Why bother?

Of course these thoughts are from my alcoholic brain.  I’ve not touched a drop for nearly 12 years now but still I can’t understand this kind of “drinking” – “Why Bother?”  Says a lot that is still my thought – if I can’t get wasted all the time then I’m not interested.  On Suburbanbetty’s blog she asked recently if there was a pill that allowed you to “drink normally” would you?  I gave a long rambling answer that was No… but really the issues is that it isn’t a physical thing it is that mind set… “Why Bother?”…

Also I saw this recent story in the Guardian about the majority of alcohol being consumed by those who are “problem drinkers”.  No Shit Sherlock!  I was a pub drinker since I rarely drank at home (thankfully that probably saved my liver from permanent damage) and also for years I could continue to lie to myself that I was clearly a social drinker.  But I really wasn’t there for any company but simply to drink.  I cannot diagnose those who drank with me; however the pubs I regularly drank in were the type where regulars were not questioned about the amount they consumed day in day out or whether that was their car in the car park etc. etc. there was a tacit acceptance that you drank a lot and it was tactilely again condoned by staff and clientèle a like along with drink driving etc.  So I know that in all those years the amount of money I regularly put across the bar as did the others who drank as regularly as me with similar amounts to me meant that those pubs earned a lot of money from a few people.

So as I say these things seem blindingly obvious to me – the only thing about the first story is simply … “Why Bother?”  😉

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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11 Responses to It’s obvious to me

  1. I agree! A lot of work for nothing.

  2. These guidelines crack me up. They’re only useful for those who don’t have an alcohol problem. In which case, they probably don’t even need to know the guidelines to know how to drink responsibly.

  3. I am currently trying to lose weight on a program that restricts (duh) sugar. We’ve just experienced a blizzard, and, in anticipation of the event, brought donuts to have with our coffee as we watched the snow. I tallied up the damage the donut would cause to the rest of the day, and opted to have half that morning, half the next. A friend was amazed, almost to the point of disgust: HOW THE HELL DO YOU ONLY EAT HALF A DONUT!?!

    I instantly understood the outrage in terms of alcohol, as it irks me to this day when someone orders a glass of wine and does not finish it. What a waste, I think to myself in disgust. And this is with several years of sobriety!

    And, full disclosure: all my saintly moderation goes out the door the moment a bag of chips gets opened.

    I was the “why bother” kind of drinker long before my drinking escalated out of control… if I was not in a position where I could drink to my heart’s content, then I opted out of drinking at all.

    Which, I know now, should have been my first red flag 🙂

    All of this to say… I’m with you!

  4. byebyebeer says:

    Hear hear (or is it here here?). We found our cure and it’s even simpler than a pill, though takes some work to get and stay there. Worth it hands down, all around.

  5. Could you really down six pints at lunchtime or were speaking in metaphor? If I drank six pints in one sitting I’d require hospitalization. That’s how my body has always reacted.

  6. looby says:

    The new guidelines are a farce and only contribute to the scepticism which greets every government announcement on anything. It’s also bad science — moderate alcohol consumption (leaving aside personal reasons for abstaining) is good for you and will give you a longer life.

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