Family together

Over this last weekend my sister celebrated her 60th birthday.

She held the celebration at her house on Sunday afternoon/evening.  My brother came to ours first, we had a catch up about his time in Belgium over Christmas and then wandered around my sisters – it is really great now she has moved so close – only a 10 min stroll away.  So me, my brother, sister, her two kids and their offspring, my daughter one of my brothers son’s and his toddler just my son and one of my brother’s boys missing from a full family get together but now our “kids” are all in their 20s/30s with families etc. of their own it was the biggest get together probably since the toddlers one year old party or my daughter’s 18th a couple of years back.  We always used to have a get together on New Year’s Day which was “Mum’s Day” – we went to hers and were all there for a huge tea that nearly broke her dinning table.  But time moves on and as I say with new partners and kids and other responsibilities we’ve not held that one for the last couple of years.

It was funny though that we the family took over my sisters lounge with the kids playing with cars and dinosaurs just like the now parents had done 20 years ago.  My sisters friends took over the dining room and conservatory.  But then family is family.  Even though we rarely all get together though it wasn’t long before the looks and one word comments were in full force with an understanding of a thousand words unsaid about a comment or some action on someone’s behalf that only families seem to have – an understanding so deep about each other.

I had to laugh about some things that never change…  my sister still introduced me to some of her friends as “my baby brother”…  I’m presuming that’ll happen at her 70th when I’m in my 60s!


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