Hi ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go

Dear Loyal Reader(s) I apologise for being Missing InAction for so long and inaction is indeed the truth of the matter.  Frankly folks only as I’ve continued my recovery from my illness did I realise how ill I had actually felt and also how long before I ended up in hospital I’d felt less than 100%!   One good thing as a result of my illness is that I’m on a much healthier diet.  You know when the doctor asks whether you have a healthy diet and you say “Yes, reasonably so”.  Then you think about the previous week and realise too many days there were chips involved and processed meats and few vegetables, salad or fruit.  So since beginning of December I’ve not had fried fish n chips – or chips at all!  I don’t do resolutions for New Year as previous attempts have been futile but I really do intend to work hard at sticking to this new regime.  So now I’m back at work if I need to “pop out for lunch” I’ll take longer, not grab the quick option of a pasty and chips and get something better like a backed potato with salad etc.  The other day I had to cook for myself at home as the girls were both out so I knocked up chicken stir fry was the order of the day – much better and sausage, beans and chips or the like.

Christmas was btw terrific.  We had the pleasure of son-of-Furtheron for the whole week including Christmas Day along with his lovely girlfriend.  So nice to have them for a chunk of time rather than a flying two day weekend.  They then went up to North Wales to her parents for Christmas week v2 over New Year.  I suspect next year all that will be reversed.  Mrs F isn’t looking forward to the first Christmas morning waking up and both our offspring are not there but life moves on – he is in his mid 20s now so that day is surely due.   In fact this lead to a conversation – my daughter’s boyfriend works as a plumber on new builds in London.  Simply as a self-employed person the best time of year for a long break with his family (his Dad owns the business and his Mum does all the wages etc.) would be the Christmas/New Year close down – indeed 3 years ago he was away somewhere hot for Christmas and it was talked about again as an option for them this past Christmas.  Mrs F and I have an open invitation to accompany my brother and his wife as they have a tradition of going away over Christmas within Europe to a capital city normally….   So maybe next year we’ll have the least traditional Christmas ever with us all away?  Who knows…

Anyway I’ve done very little so very little to write about other than I went with my son to see Star Wars VII – it was… a star wars movie, well shot etc but the story line was derivative to a degree but then that is what a Star Wars movie is.   Got some new music etc which I’ve reviewed on my other blog and a book about Gibson ES guitars I’m reading and will post a review on the other blog at some point in the future too… oh yes and some new pickups for my home built 12 string so again watch the other blog if you need insomnia cures…. 😉

Hope you all have a healthy and happy 2016 and for those of you it matters to a sober one too.  So far ours started with out tumble dryer breaking after about 15 years or so of reliable service and our 6 year old vacuum blowing up… so we’ve been out buying up in the sales!  Actually the tumble dryer was funny, we only use it for towels etc. when we can’t use the line outside so only have a compact small one.  Mostly they are huge great things – so we went to a local big store from a national chain – saw what we wanted.  “Not in stock and I can’t order it here.  Go home and try the internet”…. which I did and bought it from a different retailer at a cheaper price…  you try to help ensure that local shops keep going and they essentially advised us to shop elsewhere – if she’d have ordered it there and then to be delivered later I’d have just bought it!

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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12 Responses to Hi ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go

  1. 15 years for a dryer… I am very jealous! Happy New Year to you too, and I’m so sorry to hear you have been under the weather!

  2. Sherry says:

    Happy new year!!! I agree with the above…15 years for a dryer is nothing short of miraculous!

    So glad you’re finally on the mend. You had me worried!


  3. looby says:

    That’s one advantage of drinking heavily … one hardly eats 🙂 Happy belated Christmas to you all. And well done rejected son of Grammar School. Einstein’s teacher said he’d never amount to anything. Some people find themselves later in life — a bit like you F!

  4. Happy New Year! So glad you’re mending and embracing your new ‘just say no to chips’ regime. x

  5. I too am glad you are healing!
    I am letting go of crackers and chips (that would be the American crunchy potato chips!)
    Just adding a few more fruits and veggies.
    I am going to have ice cream on the weekend, though!!
    We have the same dryer for over 20 plus years.

  6. It’s all about the diet. And being sedentary. So easy to diagnose. So hard to solve.

    The new Star Wars flick is almost a shot-by-shot remake of the first one. Doesn’t necessarily make it bad. Just a bit unoriginal.

  7. JJ says:

    Happy New year Graham! SO glad you are feeling better and taking steps to stay that way.

  8. daisyfae says:

    Seems things turned around by the New Year! Glad to hear it! i’m about a week into my ‘clean eating’ challenge, and i feel SO much better! i was eating sugar, and starches, and pastries, and greasy, fried things for most of the previous month. More benefits than just weight loss, i feel less bloated and foggy!

    Transitions are tough when the children grow… After my divorce, there were a couple of years when the 20-something’s were with their father on Christmas morning. What we all learned? The celebration happens when we are together – regardless of the specifics of the calendar. If it’s a few days, or a few weeks, later, we all enjoyed it just as much. Sure, moments of reflection and melancholy… missing the days when they were small. But they need to form their own traditions, too… Just as we did when we married…

    Happy new year to you and your entire clan! May there be happiness, and adventure, and growth and health in 2016!

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