Unsettled is about the best description I can come up with how I’m feeling at the moment.

I have done my last day with the charity voluntary role.  That was ok in some ways, but not in others which were other things affecting other people there which I can’t talk about but it was a mix of a day emotionally.

I’m waiting for the paperwork to be completed before I take on more hours at the university.  All good on that front and I feel more engaged/fired up/enthusiastic than I have for a while.  To be honest I hadn’t realised how much the various management changes had affected me – we had 3 senior directors all leave over the early part of this year in quick succession and only recently completed all the replacements, a period of stasis has been replaced with focus and energy which is good.  But with the changes I still feel a little in limbo.  Also a colleague has been affected by some changes quite negatively and I feel upset for them as they are thrown into a period of considerable upheaval.  It also loses someone in our team I’ve relied on at times.

Finally my diploma course starts on Friday.  I’m looking forward to it, getting back to studying and having a direction and focus on that.  But nervous about it, everyone says the jump to this course is like slamming the accelerator down.  As before there are a few people coming up with me from my previous course I know but a bunch of new folks to get to know and new tutors etc.

So I just feel… unsettled.   “This too shall pass” as they say and I know in a week or so this’ll all seem pointless etc. but for the last couple of days and today it is my predominant state of mind and it is best I find for me to accept my states of mind and not work too hard to fight against them or change them without thinking through whether the feelings are justified and how damaging to me they are.  Killing, quashing, blanking out, ignoring, rebelling against feelings I don’t like is an unhealthy trait for me – that is what my drinking as all about – avoiding emotions – numbing feelings.  So I’m best if I accept the position, reflect on it, share with others (esp those alcoholics who get me) and just let time take its time.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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6 Responses to Unsettled.

  1. In your young, salad days, didn’t you think you’d be done with all these unsettled bits by now? Apparently, this stuff never ends. I had a vision of what success and middle age might look like and it’s astonishing how off the mark I was. Unsettled are you? Pick up your guitar and play. Just like yesterday.

  2. Lily says:

    The best tool you have right now, is your ability to self reflect. It is a skill that we all have, but most people are unable to process it. That’s the great thing about the counselling degree, it helps to unlock it. And you’re absolutely right, fighting against the various states of minds, leads to the need to block them out, which in turn, makes us return to our old demons. Reflect on the changes, talk about them and how they make you feel and things will start to make sense.

    Okay, gonna stop waffling and take my therapist hat off now. 🙂 Hope you feel more settled soon.

  3. I hate that unsettled feeling. At least now I can identify it rather than drink to quell it.

  4. Sherry says:

    I find that when I get this way I have to stop and breathe. It’s the only thing that makes me pay attention to the feelings. Otherwise I’m running for the cookies (biscuits) that are in the pantry instead of the wine I used to long for.

    I “get” you dude. You’re right, in a week or so this will seem pointless but you’re here, right now, feeling this way so it most certainly has a very distinct point.

    Besides, you’re going to kick this courses ass (arse).


  5. Untipsyteacher says:

    It’s like starting anything new for me, unsettling, a little bit scary, but all will be okay.
    At least that’s what I say until I can believe it!

  6. Suburbia says:

    I hate that feeling too but you’re right – wise words in that last paragraph 🙂

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