New year… new beginning…

This time of year always seems like a restart.  This is intrinsically linked to the academic year starting.  Even when I myself didn’t have any personal reason to be governed by this having children going through it always kept it in my mind as they started new years with new challenges, changes etc.  Mrs F has for 12 years of so now also worked in education at the chalkface (well white board and marker pen face… that doesn’t work does it) of the classroom so this time of year is for her new pupils, new team members etc.  Now of course I’m more linked than ever to this as I’ll be starting my counselling diploma course this month and realising I’ve forgotten everything from the last two years and not read the books I planned to over the summer, well I’ve read a bit here and there and of course it’ll all (hopefully) come flooding back once I reconnect on the course.  Working in an academic institution although I have very little to do with the students on the teaching and learning side of things also heightens the new start feeling.

So then what is going to change?   A lot actually.  The course is now a daytime commitment one day a week, whereas it was a half day held on an early evening before.  So that will be totally different.  Also where I work part time have asked me to reconsider my hours of work.  I’ve thought this over.  The implication is simple – I have a new boss who has been promoted up to Director.  In doing this the role they performed hasn’t been refilled – so they are director and still have their old job too.  Basically they could do with someone doing more in my area.  From a financial point of view it makes sense I’ve been dipping too much in some aspects into savings to pay for holidays, days out etc.  I’ll be effectively getting a 50% payrise as I’ll move to working 3 days a week from 2.   Also this is good as I’ve felt a bit disconnected from work for a while, I think the 2 days a week being a contributor to that – although lack of connection with work has been a recurring theme on my blogs for ages if I’m honest.  But being busier will be engaging I hope.  A friend recently said “If you want something done, give it to a busy man”.   Good proverb.

The one issue with this will be my voluntary work.  Due to the college commitment for the course that was already a problem, my increase in working hours kicks it into touch really.  But I think it time to move on from that and soon I’ll need to find a new placement that will count towards my diploma so I feel best to cut the ties that bind now rather than bumble on in it.  The work has taught me a lot about myself and the areas I would have to the think about when looking for a placement for the diploma and also work following the diploma.

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3 Responses to New year… new beginning…

  1. Lily says:

    Good luck with your counselling diploma. I’ve got no doubts that you’ll ace it.

  2. Sherry says:

    It’s such an exciting time of year! I used to love getting new notebooks and pens and opening to that first, blank page and wondering what the year would bring. Of course then it started and I would think, “Ugh! Nine more months until summer vacation!”

    Can’t wait to hear more of what this year will bring to you and your course. Also…what’s chalkface?


  3. Untipsyteacher says:

    That sounds like a good thing, all of it!
    I was happier when I was busier, as I tend to waste my time when I have more time!
    More money is always nice!

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