Behaving like an adult

One day just over a week ago I got one of those heart stopping moment phone calls.  It was my wife.  “Don’t worry”  Instantly you do.  “Our daughter has had a minor car crash”.  Heart rate up etc.  it was a small knock at a roundabout, one of those daft ones where the council puts lights on them… why build a roundabout, designed to keep traffic flowing then put bloody lights on them?  I’ve never understood.  Whatever, she’d hit a guy who had a big 4×4 thing with a tow bar.  No damage to him and bless him he stayed with her until she’d calmed down enough to drive away.  Her “little rusty” as she calls it was pretty much ok except the bumper that looked very second hand.  She was upset, annoyed at herself and relieved no damage to the other guys car and he wasn’t putting in any insurance claim.  She went off on holiday the very next day.  Monday having returned from holiday she went to sort it out.  I’d suggested a place I’ve never used but knew specialised in her make and model of car – i.e. small Fords.    She went there, negotiated a second hand bumper and fitting it there and then and the guy spotted a couple of other little jobs too.  All done for under £100.  Frankly buying the bumper could have cost us that much online.  She’s 19.

I was so impressed with her.  Also realising even as a much more mature adult with children etc. I once sold a car just because a warning light would sometimes come on rather than go to a garage explain the issue and discuss a fix.  I didn’t want to look like a twit who knew nothing.  Pride, arrogance, stupidity, fear of failure and ridicule.  Those were the things I couldn’t cope with and there I am watching my 19 year old daughter just handle it.  She was so proud of herself – rightly so.   I have much to learn from her on how to behave as an adult.

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4 Responses to Behaving like an adult

  1. Sherry says:

    I know what you mean. I always say that I want to be my kids when I grow up.

    Bravo to Daughter of Furtherton. Well done!


  2. Untipsyteacher says:

    My nieces and nephews never cease to amaze me, too.
    They are so independent!

  3. Lily says:

    Even with his Aspergers, my Spawn is more confident and independent then I ever was at his age. Actually, even at the age I am now, I wish that I had his self assurance.

    Glad that your daughter is okay and that is wasn’t something more serious..

  4. looby says:

    Well done her, and glad she’s ok.

    I wonder sometimes if it’d be better if we started this kinf od phone call with “Right, start worrying now” 🙂

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