Last night was mock exam for our course.  We all rolled up just before 6pm and gathered in the anti-room next to where the exam would be.  Much nervous laughter etc.  This was only the “mock” so we can get some feedback from the tutor in a couple of weeks time giving us a month to swat up on weak areas and or consider our exam technique.  However though the pressure of real exam conditions etc. certainly had an affect on adrenalin levels.

What did I learn straight away?  My writing is appalling!  I tried to write neatly to start with, as time and a cramped hand much more used to typing than writing progressed it got more and more scruffy!  Oh well.  Just have to try on that one again.  I was pleased with my time management of the exam.  I finished writing with about 15 mins left to read through which was good as I spotted at least one major mistake where I’d simply written two terms down the wrong way round.   Overall on pretty much all the questions I had a reasonable idea what to do when I looked them over.  A couple of areas I know I should go and read more on without a doubt and I’ll be interested in the feedback on some of the questions to make sure my answer was in the right area.

Now all that is needed is final skills assessments to be done where we are observed in a helping session and given feedback which is all added into the portfolio which needs a few pieces of work to be marked for me to be totally complete.   Final exam and then wait until August sometime to be told pass or fail!

However in all this… I’ve had my place on the next step, a two year diploma course, confirmed after which I could be able to call myself a counsellor!

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8 Responses to Exam

  1. SoberMom says:

    I am so excited for you! I wish we had something like that here. Wow…so cool!


  2. looby says:

    Good luck! You’re correct about your writing. You’ve misspelt ante-room 🙂 (Sorry — I’ve got a postgraduate degree and fifty years’ experience of nitpicking with others whilst ignoring the larger faults in me).

    Well done so far and hope you get onto the diploma.

  3. Lily says:

    Well done! I remember doing my counselling diploma some years ago. It’s tough work but you’re going to get SO much out of it. If anyone will make a good therapist, it’s definitely you. The best counsellors are always the ones who are able to walk in other people’s shoes because of their own experiences. Is it weird to say that I’m really really proud of you? 🙂

  4. Untipsyteacher says:

    You will make a great counselor!
    You are very nice!

  5. One as to wonder if the exams and testing EVER ends. Congrats.

  6. Suburbia says:

    whoo hoo! Well done on getting your next course sorted. I have to wait a dead year if I want to do mine in the same place as they only run it every other year. I have to say I’d like a rest as this year has been exhausting, but saying that I’ll miss it. The sad realisation for me though is that I may not be able to afford the dip course – hey ho!

    Good luck on all your last min stuff and exam. I spent the weekend writing 2 x 3.000 word essays with only one more to go before I hopefully pass. So glad we don’t actually have to do a formal exam.

  7. daisyfae says:

    Nicely done! Trying to take notes by hand at a recent meeting, i realized that my handwriting skills have seriously atrophied! Cramps, struggles and all that… Since you will possibly have use of tablets, or laptop computers, in ‘practice’, does it makes sense for the testing methods to start using them as well?

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