Ringing in the ears

I had a rubbish weekend healthwise.  I’ve been having issues with tinnitus over the last few weeks.  I think this is related to my migraine/vertigo issues.  I think that possibly it is a migraine aura just one that is auditory not visual.  The description of what I get tallies with that… however I do suffer with normal long term tinnitus anyway so it’s all a bit tricky to unpick!

Sunday morning though was the worst I’ve ever know.  To describe the default position my normal tinnitus is this high frequency white noise mostly sounding like it is forward and slightly to my right as I look.   Normally I just tune it out – it is annoying when all is quiet but not that distracting.  The annoying tinnitus is in my left ear when I get it.  This is a lower frequency, louder and very distracting.  I find it sometimes difficult, very difficult, to hear people in areas where there a lot of background noise.  I normally turn my right ear towards them and lean towards them – which I know some people seem to find odd and back away from me as it looks like I’m encroaching on their personal space in a weird way.  Now this gets to be a real pain if it goes on for any length of time, after a few days of it I’m frankly pissed off with it.  Also some noises/frequencies can be painful – our washing machine on 1400 spin for example can almost make me scream in pain if I’m near it…. subaru cars accelerating near me (presumably a frequency associated with their odd boxer arrangement engine)  some music, esp with certain mid bass frequencies.  Being a music lover this really gets me upset – I can’t listen to music as I’d like.

However Sunday morning was on a new and previously unknown level.  I woke up – about 5am I think.  There was this rushing in my left ear like never before.  The normal annoying one was there coupled with a deep bass rumble and another higher pitched tone and everything was on 11!  After about an hour I just wanted to kill someone, or myself.  Horrendous.  I got up, made breakfast had a pointless conversation with my wife – I essentially had to lip read what she was saying and then decided to just work in the garden digging out an old plant replacing it with one my brother had grown from a cutting for me.  Anything to distract me.  About lunchtime it started to lessen and was ok about mid afternoon.  Yesterday was better and so has today been although the annoying one is partially back as I type this.   I have to make a doctors appointment I suppose… only to be told there is no doubt nothing they can do.

I keep telling myself it isn’t that bad, not like I’ve something life threatening etc. but when something just niggles at you 24 hours a day it really does bring me low I’m afraid.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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9 Responses to Ringing in the ears

  1. ainsobriety says:

    Have you tried magnesium supplements?
    I take magnesium before bed as it helps with sleep and relaxing. And reduces leg cramps and headaches. It’s a wonder mineral.
    I have also read that it can help with tinnitus.
    Might be worth a try….

  2. Lily says:

    My tinnitus is annoying at best, but yours sounds horrendous. As funny as it sounds, there are some form of therapies that can help you find ways of managing and coping with tinnitus.

  3. A musician gets tinnitus. That figures. I’m seeing The Who on Friday. They have a more permanent malady; old age.

    • furtheron says:

      I recently read about Peter Townshend’s battles with tinnitus in the end in the ear monitors and forcing the volume lower on stage were imperative for him to be able to continue live performance

  4. JJ says:

    My tinnitus has been acting up too. I must try extra magnesium.

    I do notice that it gets worse (as does vertigo) if my blood pressure goes up. Any chance that could be a factor for you?

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