Book Review – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I’m reposting a book review from my other blog – that is where I whimble on about music, guitars and books I’ve read etc.    However you’ll see why I thought I’d also publish this here when you read through about the main character in this book – which I thoroughly recommend to alcoholics both suffering and recovering to read and also anyone who would like to get an insight into an alcoholics life through a fictional setting.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

What a terrific read!  A stunning first novel from Paula Hawkins.  Written as though sort of diary entries from a series of women mostly our heroine Rachel it describes the events before, during and after the disappearance of a young wife one Saturday night.  Rachel is the central character who used to live in the same street as the woman who disappeared and has come to “know” her through seeing her from the train every morning as she passes by on her way to London.  When the woman disappears Rachel becomes embroiled in trying to identify the person who has abducted her.  A really good page turning thriller that introduces the characters and events via some time hopping and perspective changes and continues in the early part to make you continually want to find out what fills in the full picture.

I’d totally recommend this book.  It is very close to my top accolade on the FTUBRS* (i.e. with a grin) and only just misses out as just towards the end I’d pretty much figured out the reveal of the killer.  If that had been a surprise it would certainly have got it.   It also gets a huge recommendation from me as poor Rachel is divorced, jobless and unable to tell her flatmate she has lost her job so commutes to London still each day to look normal.  Rachel is also an alcoholic (not something I knew before selecting to read the book I saw it had some good recommendations and was compared to Gone Girl so decided to try it).  This is in my humble opinion the best characterisation of an alcoholic I’ve ever read other than when billed as a self-penned memoir.  It so brilliantly describes the battle, the fear the blackouts etc.  Superbly researched and written.  So, only because of the ending, a clear and huge Two Thumbs up on the FTUBRS* – actually with half a grin… (my scale my rules… I can break them).  If you have an Easter break planned and want some reading material – pick this up as you leave you’ll not be disappointed.

* Furtheron Thumbs Up Book Review Scale –
lowest is both thumbs down with a frown
two thumbs down,
one thumb horizontal,
two thumbs horizontal,
one thumb up,
two thumbs up
two thumbs up with a grin – very rarely awarded

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3 Responses to Book Review – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

  1. JJ says:

    There is a lot of fuss around this book and I’ve been disappointed before in reading books that everyone raves about. I might in future get it from the library.

    Don’t you find it automatically off-putting when people start raving about things? I do.

    • furtheron says:

      Well I have to agree… Any Dan Brown I’ve vowed to never read another one and Hillary Mantle’s quite bloody awful Wolf Hall one of less than 5 books I’ve failed to complete in my 40 year reading career.

      Well for me this was worth the hype a very good book but each has to judge themselves

  2. daisyfae says:

    Struggling with some issues with my un-recovered alcoholic brother. This might make a good read…

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