The Do’s and Don’ts Of Living With a Welsh (Wo)Man During the Six Nations

Haha… this was placed on facebook with my son (who’s partner is a lovely Welsh lady) tagged in it… made me somewhat chuckle. Esp for my international readers who think the 6 nations is just some cozy competition with a few men from some countries throwing a funny shaped ball about… No … this IS RUGBY!!!!

The Lady's Tackle

So you’ve found yourself living with a Welsh person.You lucky little gobstopper.

I’m sure it’s all been great so far (we Welsh are lovely after all) but how do you approach the emotional rollercoaster that is the Six Nations?


Well here’s my guide to avoid any faux pas during this difficult time…

1. First off, don’t be too nice. For example: don’t tell us we are going to win. We don’t deal with pressure well.

2. Don’t tell us we are going to lose. That only riles us and we’ll end up calling you an English wanker…even if you’re not English. (We can’t help it, it’s a natural reflex during the Six Nations.)

3. When we win a match, we will be generous to the losing side fans. Don’t be fooled though, we’re gloating inside. And there’s a real possibility that this gloating will all come tumbling out when…

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5 Responses to The Do’s and Don’ts Of Living With a Welsh (Wo)Man During the Six Nations

  1. liz says:

    Look I’ve only just found this blog!! I’ve been reading (flicking through) your guitar blog while this is much more interesting to me!
    I think I need to write about being married to an englishman!

  2. If Americans ever discover rugby, the NFL is in deep trouble. A far superior game.

  3. Wil says:

    What is this Rugby you speak of?

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