And then what do you do?

My son paid us a flying visit arriving here yesterday evening just before 7pm.  We all sat around the table for a family meal of Spaghetti Bolenese.  It may be rare but felt so right to have all of us there including my daughter’s boyfriend – who I joke is “part of the furniture”.

This morning up early to hurtle around the M25 to Heathrow.  Hurtle?  Yes well we very nearly did actually it was ridiculously quiet for 9am on a Friday.  He checked in and had a coffee for me before boarding his flight which it seems just got out before the air traffic failure.

He is off to San Francisco to the biggest conference in Space Physics in the world.  He is presenting a poster and talking at some spin off meeting about a Saturn Probe he is working with the data from.  He has a proper academic paper being published in the next few days with him as lead author.

I’m so pleased and proud of and for him – he has worked so hard.  One of the boys that didn’t make the divisive 11plus system we still stupidly have where we live and now look at his success.  One of his classmates also just one a top global new young fashion designer of the year award.

So what do you do now as a parent when the child is clearly the better person?  Learn from their example I suppose…  His sister will soon follow suit, one term down on her undergraduate degree and she is also looking like getting a first if she carries on as she is.

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5 Responses to And then what do you do?

  1. I did better than my father although that’s setting the bar kind of low. I hope my daughters do something they enjoy vs. something that pays the bills, which is what I’ve always done.

  2. sherryd32148 says:

    What an awesome story. Your son sounds like a real live genius. I know you are proud and rightly so.

    I too love that feeling when all are home and round the table. Like you said, it just feels right. Well…until the hubs asks for the girlfriends’ social security numbers so we can claim them on our taxes. Oy!


  3. loobylooby says:

    Well done G — it’s partly genetic and partly upbringing you know!

  4. daisyfae says:

    i find it exciting to watch my adult children moving into their own lives through deliberate choices, planning and hard work. i got quite lucky, but basically stumbled my way through life – and am fortunate that it turned out as it has. Your son is doing VERY well to have a poster at such an event and a first author publication coming out! For such a young man, this is a sign of great things to come! Be proud, Dad, and enjoy watching him fly! (or float… he’s a space guy, right?)

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