It’s a Beagle!

My nephew posted on Facebook the other day a work of art (sculpture) that his son had made at school.  Also a blogging friend on here is I know working through the difficult task of sifting through the papers and life long memorabilia left by her recently departed mother.

Both these events lead me to posting this picture.

2014-10-01 21.39.30

“What is that?” you ask.  Well it is a Beagle obviously.  I made this when about 8 at school. When I cleared out my Mum’s house some years ago she’d kept it tucked away on a shelf, ok not pride of place but she never brought herself to throw away this gift I’d made for her.  It is now tucked away on a shelf normally in my music room because, much as this proves my visual art talents clearly were sacrificed for my musical ones, Mum kept it and therefore I know it meant something special to her so I’ve kept it.

I wonder if my kids will keep it?  Given the derision that was forthcoming when I said “Obviously it’s a Beagle” I doubt it somehow…

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8 Responses to It’s a Beagle!

  1. Of course they’ll keep it! Could they just as easily throw a Monet into the trash bin? I think not.

    After my mother passed I found a Christmas tree ornament that I made out of a wooden thread spool. It was covered with glitter and poorly painted. A flood of memories.

  2. Moms keep everything, don’t they?? lol

    • furtheron says:

      yep – “All the important stuff is in the brown case in the wardrobe.” I remember her telling me repeatedly. When the sad day came I had to go into the wardrobe and pull it out, yes all the stuff I needed as executor was there… also my school reports and 25m swimming certificate… the important stuff!

  3. elsieamata says:

    I love this. Your talent is overwhelming! *smiles* I have my kids’ artwork and clay models in various places around the house. Great reminders of their younger years.


  4. JJ says:

    Are you sure it’s not a cow lowing at twilight, smelling freshly mown hay and contemplating the dianoetic virtues of cud chewing under drops of dew, fallen from a sky that was so blue during the day, the cow thought its heart would burst?

    Gee, I don’t know, it seemed like that to me.

  5. daisyfae says:

    of course it’s a beagle! i would recognize that anywhere! made me happy to read this… thank you…

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