Lovers Locks by the Loch

There are some famous bridges in Paris covered in padlocks left there by lovers as a symbol of their union.

When in Scotland in the summer I noticed this is a spreading trend and spotted these ones on a bridge by a Loch near Ben Nevis.  Thought I’d just share the picture as I like it…


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2 Responses to Lovers Locks by the Loch

  1. looby says:

    Noticed them on the bridge over the Rhine when me and Trina went to Strasbourg — I’ve got a picture of us standing together. She’s in Germany and I’m in France. The padlocks can be a bit of a civic nuisance I gather, if they get out of hand.

  2. We saw the bridge in Paris covered with locks, and it has a bunch of plywood boards on it because the heaviness of the locks keep pulling the chain link fence down, sometimes into the Seine below. So it looks kind of ugly now. 😦

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