The Garden…

Back when I was that other guy, the one that drank, I didn’t get gardening at all.  I thought the whole bloody thing pointless.  I’d mow the lawn it would grow back again.  I planted a plant, it died, or it just go so big it was ridiculous and the weeds!  They grew wherever they wanted often where my flipping plants didn’t.

I think the fact now that I don’t mind to “potter” in the garden is sign of my growth as a person as well.  I realise to keep something of value takes effort, you have to nurture it.  If you don’t it goes wild, or dies, or gets ousted by a weed.

I wander around now snipping a few bits off various plants here and there.  I water here and there.  I put some feed down. I hoe the weeds away and pick out bigger ones.

Just like recovery.  I can’t just go – don’t that it’ll be ok.  I have to look for weeds and root them out hopefully whilst still small and not causing a problem.  I have to feed and water it to make it continue to be healthy and not wilt or get sick.  I have to snip bits off if it is getting to big in some area to keep it manageable and keep it in the space it needs to be in.

Here are some pics I took in my garden today.  Especially happy with the fuchsia which we bought some years ago but it was in shade, dwarfed and bullied by a large tree/bush thing and a hydrangea that stole all the water in that bit of the garden.  So I moved it last summer and frankly given it was little more than a root ball and a stick at the time expected it to die… look at it now.  Little bit a nurturing and care and tendering and love can revive anything it seems.  If your recovery is like my fuchsia was think about moving it into the sun and giving it a bit of a feed and water and making sure the weeds around it are kept well out of the way.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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7 Responses to The Garden…

  1. sherryd32148 says:

    I’m better at gardening now too! And really…I can’t believe it. Things are growing and tended and our yard looks the best in the cul-de-sac. I couldn’t be bothered “before”…too much time away from drinking.

    You’re so right…a little love and attention can do wonders.

    Happy Friday Graham,

  2. byebyebeer says:

    Lovely plants and comparison to sobriety. My husband has been the gardener because I didn’t feel I had the skills or follow through for it. I am interested though and would love to take over more (if he’ll let me). This post is very inspiring.

  3. I used to garden when drinking, which — I dunno — I was pretty gung-ho about it in a way that I can’t seem to muster lately.

    But you’re right about gardening being a metaphor for sober life.

  4. Wonderful pics and metaphor, Graham. I was never the nurturing kind, but then one of my landladies gave me a plant that was dying. It had 3 leaves and was barren. This was when I was living in the basement of their house, after my wife kicked me out of the house. So it was me and that plant. Needless to say, I still have that plant. It has about 25 leaves now, and am going to repot it. I have thought of getting rid of it, but I just can’t seem to part with it.

    Thanks for this!

  5. My backyard is a study in Darwinism. It’s survival of the fittest. If the weeds overpower the flora, so be it. The worst thing would be for me to pay attention. I kill everything I touch. I killed a cactus once. I overwatered it. I should have just left the damn thing alone.

  6. daisyfae says:

    Beautiful! When i had a very large yard, i didn’t do any gardening – too busy with work, small children and life. Now that i’ve moved to a townhouse, with no yard, and only a small back deck? i’ve started an herb garden, and attempt to grow a variety of pretty containers full of flowers and greenery… makes no sense, but it’s very satisfying!

  7. Suburbia says:

    Gardening has grown on me in the last 3 years and, like you, it has been a sign of change and growth in myself. I can’t believe I never ‘got it’ before! So glad all your efforts have paid off

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