I was lucky enough to attend a convention this weekend. Terrific sunny day the sun shone on recovery is what I thought. It is incredible to be in a room with hundreds of recovering alcoholics all smiling, happy, grateful … Just remarkable I think. Some had family member with them too some guys came from the local rehab all together, sober, sharing in being sober. 

I sometimes talk about AA meetings boost my internal batteries to allow me to in back into the real world and deal with the world, the people in it and mostly with my emotions about all of that. Having said that this day has without a doubt filled those batteries up to 100%  

Today I am so grateful to be who and where I am.

About furtheron

Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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3 Responses to Convention

  1. Great to hear, Graham! Those conventions have a wonderful energy šŸ™‚

  2. Good… It’s good if sometimes we spare a second or two to be grateful to what we have rather than incessantly yearning for more and more until the mental pestilence kills us…

  3. Excellent post, Graham. Life flows and changes. There are peaks and valleys. It’s important to acknowledge when things are harmonious. It helps during those times when life is being bothersome.

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