I thought over night and this morning on this.  Many thanks for those of you who commented with words of support and those that emailed me as well – hugely unexpected and appreciated

My break will be from commenting I think – my real issue was a break out of anti-AA sentiment on someone else’s blog where I couldn’t really engage constructively with the other person and I felt bad my comment caused the blog owner the need to vet and moderate comments.

So unless I can comment without any AA speak I’ll stay quiet I think.  As I say my issue isn’t the person having a go at me but my comment inadvertently bringing AA into disrepute given I’m one of the few who stand up on the internet as an AA member due to the long running confusion in the fellowship and the blanket current guidance which frankly makes it next to impossible to be sober, in AA and able to say that on the internet.  I can here them all now nodding and telling me this is why it should be considered the same as press, tv and radio… but I disagree in the modern world this here is the same as me leaning on my garden fence saying to my neighbour “Yeah I had a drink problem.  I go to AA it worked for me”… attraction not promotion.  Me here isn’t to me a broadcast or promotion it is my space

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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2 Responses to Update…

  1. I have struggled with the internet / blogging / tweeting thing and the Traditions for a while now, Graham. I read up everything that the General Office and AA have offered up, and it seems a bit confusing. Also, their statements seem a bit outdated (there was no Twitter, etc. when they wrote their thing there, methinks). That is why I have been a bit hesitant to go Full Monty with my identication. I will publish a pic now and then, and there has been an interview on another blog with my full name AND picture. But really, a pixel drop in the whole internet thing.

    My gut tells me that you’re right on this, Graham. And it’s something I agree with – that doing something like this is attraction, not promotion. You’re not breaking Traditions, from what I see in your, and other recovery blogs where the person’s name is no longer anonymous. You haven’t written a book where you are a spokesperson for AA. Tons of recovery books out there that don’t break traditions. so why not a blog? I know I know – you can’t use your full name and claim membership to AA. You CAN use your full name and talk recovery. OR you can talk about AA under anonymity. Is it ego talking? I don’t see that, Graham. I think we know when someone is talking about of ego…you’ve seen the blogs and the books and the other medium people use to showcase themselves.

    I am talking in circles probably now…but I think that internet is different from press, radio and film. Don’t ask me how, but I just do. Perhaps when i can articulate my thoughts better and clearer, I will post about it. Needless to say…I’m with you 🙂


  2. This is a more agreeable solution than going silent. I approve!

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