I find myself in a difficult position.  I commented on someone’s blog.  They are sober and attract a lot of sober people to their blog, particularly newly sober people.  Unfortunately I quoted from the big book of AA.  Oh boy – I should learn shouldn’t I.  I look on my phone on some updates and my comment has attracted a very anti-AA comment.  Shame.  Also I’m annoyed – they can have a go at me on here – this is my space but on another person’s blog seemed to me unfair/wrong.  The blog owner had to intervene removing the comments etc.  How yuck is that?

However most importantly I have to consider am I bringing AA into disrepute?  Tricky… at the moment I fear I am and that I could be unintentionally causing problems for AA. Newly sober people seeing comments like “I don’t come here for AA crap” etc. isn’t neat is it.

So – I’m back again to really thinking that I’ll stop blogging and remove myself from the sober blogging circle – go back to reviewing books and CDs and sticking up pictures of guitars.

Sad – I hoped I was doing good stuff.  Today I question whether I should admit my recovery or how I achieved it publicly to anyone, go back to being totally anonymous. 

Blogging break again… sigh…

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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13 Responses to Disrepute

  1. runningonsober says:

    Hey it’s ok Graham. Some folks will agree, some won’t. You help a ton of people here, and I hope you won’t let one troll-ish comment from someone affect all your good work.

    If you want to take a break, fine, but do so on your terms and not because of some rude person.

    It really is okay, don’t fret.

  2. byebyebeer says:

    I second Christy’s comment. You’re one of the good guys. It’s a touchy subject, but we all have the same end goal. Hope the feeling blows over for you.

  3. JJ says:

    Wayne Dyer has a great saying: “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

    I am not an alcoholic and I like your blog because I can relate to certain life situations and ideas. That other people can’t is not your problem. 😉 You know what the Internet is like, there are people who live for complaining and s–t disturbing and arguing. Fortunately there are people like us who write well.

  4. I certainly wouldn’t dart off after a comment. Hell, you should see how many times I’ve gone off on AA stuff – even with other AA’s! We’re passionate about our recovery, and of course we want to share it with others. How they perceive it is their business, not ours. I know you don’t ram 12 step down anyone’s throat, so making a benign comment and having someone go at it – speaks more to them than you.

    Keep on keepin’ on here, Graham.
    We need you 🙂


  5. Yes, we do need you, ditto Paul! I’ve had many a biting comment to my ideas/words (as a freelance writer, you really do see how people can become trolls behind the mask of a computer screen), and at first, it made me want to run and hide. But, and this is coming from someone who struggled with AA and decided it wasn’t for me: your experience is as relevant as any other’s! AA or not, we all take what we need and leave the rest. Keep on keepin’ on, I say! Who cares is someone doesn’t “approve” of your AA commentary? I sure don’t, and neither should you! 🙂

  6. I hope that your aren’t deterred. After all, AA is built on attraction and how else do people know what it’s about if they don’t hear about it? There’s a lot of AA stuff that rubs me the wrong way, but that doesn’t mean I think it shouldn’t be spoken of in my presence. Think think you put a great human face on what sober living and AA are about. It would be a huge loss for you to not share this aspect of yourself.

  7. The internet is the wild west. These things happen. It’s part of the game. And, no offense, but AA is a well-established, well-regarded organization. It’ll take more than a blog comment to drag it down. You have good intentions, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. I vote with the others. No break for you.

  8. Phoebe says:

    I don’t blog but follow so many of the sober blogs to keep me grounded. Your blog is part of my support (I am at day 154) and depend on all of the REAL comments that all of you post. I for one would miss your comments and perspective and I am sure I am not alone.

  9. daisyfae says:

    One nasty comment. You are so very thoughtful, and the fact that you took time to consider that comment speaks volumes. Listen to your friends above — you DO good. AA DOES work for many (perhaps not all). It HAS worked for you. These are facts. The opinion of one person, rudely stated, should not shut down your voice.

  10. I would be sad if you stopped commenting. I think it’s truly important to share your perspective. Hope those of us here and in email have helped you to see that you are a blessing. Trollish people online will always be there, but real honest comments are important and needed to drown out that foolishness. Hope you’ll reconsider. Hugs to you!

  11. sherryd32148 says:

    Please don’t stop commenting. You can stop blogging if you need to step away but your comments keep me grounded. You’ve helped me gain clarity, stay grounded and look at situations from an entirely different view. I know your particular brand of wisdom (yes my friend…in spite of what you think you ARE wise) has helped me so much and hoards of others people as well. Besides, if we lose touch who’s going to show me around England when I finally hop across the pond for the first time?

    And besides, who the hell comes out to sober blogs expecting NOT to hear about AA. TROLLS that’s who! (My kids had to explain to me what that was BTW.) AA has been getting and keeping people sober for years! I often ask people like this (those that only see things one way…their way) this question…

    Does it hurt much?


    Keeping your brain so tightly closed all the time?

    Namaste my friend.

    • furtheron says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment – I am working on accepting compliments with better grace …

      My real issue was that the trolls comment might dissuade someone struggling to try AA and therefore inadvertently through my sharing my AA experience I’m actually making AA less attractive to newcomers. That really worried me. It is tricky for me to not comment or post without AA in there since it is so ingrained in my life and philosophy.

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