Funerals and Family

Today I attended the funeral of a dear AA friend. She’d been around a long time sober, she was gentle, loving, caring – a person I may not see for months but would ask me how I am and then mention something from the last time we spoke like “How is your son getting on now?” or “Your headaches, any better now?”  Also gently encouraging – “I heard you say x.  Give it time I felt like that then… ” that kind of thing.  One of the pillars of AA.  The church was packed – she was clearly loved and admired in her church and family as much as by the 60 – 70 AA members filling the pews at the back.  Farewell Ann – you helped me a great deal and you were stolen from us far too soon.  I don’t believe in heaven and all that but I know she did – given that, St Pete must have needed a staunch member for the Pearly Gates meetings.

On the flip side of life this weekend is to be fun.  Initially I asked my brother and his wife over to ours to have a meal and a chat.  Then he mentioned that to his son and we get a request from him if he could come over with his little baby boy – his partner works in the care profession so he is often alone looking after the little one (7 months) on the weekend, an excuse no doubt for others to help is welcome.

Then my son calls and says “Is that classic F1 race still on at Brands this Sunday?”  So he invited himself down for that.  My wife says to him “Your cousin will be here on the Saturday with the baby”… so in seconds his partner is also travelling down too!  So with my brothers step daughter, our daughter, her boyfriend… hang on run out of fingers!  I’ll be preparing a multi dish Chinese banquet – and I think I do mean banquet on Saturday evening. 😀 – that’s a big happy smiley face!

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5 Responses to Funerals and Family

  1. runningonsober says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I’m sure she’d be happy you had fun plans for the weekend though. Chinese food sounds really good! Enjoy!

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  2. Sorry to hear Graham, about your friend. Sounds like she was well loved, as she gave lots of love…even the tough kind 😉

    sounds like some groovy plans there, kind sir. Enjoy them!! This is what sobriety is all about.


  3. Suburbia says:

    I guess it’s all in full swing now – sounds a great gathering, really hope it’s loads of fun. Funny how life can throw such contrasts

  4. 1looby says:

    How did the banquet go? I like cooking but Chinese is a bit of a mystery to me.

    • furtheron says:

      Despite a minor panic as I realised I’d bitten off more than I could chew (cook) but my daughter stepped in and helped out… we had Beef in Hoisin sauce with noodles and veg, Lamb and Leek in garlic sauce and Kung Po Chicken – along with noodles, stir fry veg in Oyster sauce and rice…
      Oh yes and crispy aromatic duck in pancakes to start… which was easy – buy it from Tesco and slam in the oven! My son did the honours there in terms of then shedding it all off the carcass for everyone.

      All in all a success… and team-furtheron worked like a well oiled machine again… 🙂

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