Rome trip

So sadly back in England where it is MUCH colder than it was in Italy!

You’ll have seen a few photos.  I really loved the city – the driving is mad, the parking even more so!  A few people had told me that it would be expensive but apart from one thing which was expensive which we walked into with our eyes open (cream tea at Babbington’s at the bottom of the Spanish Steps) it actually wasn’t that bad – some food was good value compared with UK/London prices anyway and the Colosseum, Forum and Palentine Hill was only €14 which was remarkable!

The Colosseum along with the Pantheon was the top for me – to be in places where Roman’s walked so many years ago and to see what they built then was incredible – there is a certain atmosphere there that you feel somehow connected back to that – well I did anyway and talking to a friend he stated the same to me before I said anything so it cannot just have been me then.


The pantheon – incredible place!

The Colosseum


The Palatine Hill – this was a race track apparently in the middle of the Emperor’s Palace!



Some great gypsy jazz musicians we found one day.



Typical Rome parking!


The funniest thing I found in a souvenir shop – btw this shop had some great glass-work – this is a chess set of little Jewish caricatures made from glass!  Truly!  You could get some glass Jewish figures praying at a glass wailing wall… I mean… what!?


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8 Responses to Rome trip

  1. Do you think you could chuck it all and move to Rome? The kids are gone so you don’t have to take that into consideration.

  2. byebyebeer says:

    The photos are great. I definitely would love to go, but only if I could leave the driving and parking to a professional. It sounds like you had a fun trip.

  3. sherryd32148 says:

    My grandmother was born in Naples and always wanted to return and take a side trip to Rome and Vatican City. Sadly she passed away before she could get back but I’m hoping one day to make the trip in her honor. Thanks for sharing your pictures!


  4. I remember Rome – it had some beautiful architecture and it was busy too! Florence was my favourite. not as crazy. But there is vibe in Rome, eh? Glad you enjoyed it – grand pics! Thanks for sharing them. Love it!


  5. daisyfae says:

    i’ve only visited for a day and a half, but would love to spend a long weekend in Rome! very much appreciate the photos/tales! hope this brings you a refreshed outlook for the things that lie ahead of you!

  6. 1looby says:

    Hello Graham — I was just popping over because I thought “G’s been quiet for a while” and I realise I accidentally deleted your RSS feed so apologies for ignoring you!

    I went to Italy last year and loved it. The food and drink is every bit as good as people say it is, and everyone was really friendly. The organisation, or lack of it, would get on my wick after a while though. Great place for a holiday though and glad you had a good time.

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