You have to laugh at this…

The instructions that came with one of those old cassette adaptor things – so my daughter can listen to her iPod in a 13 years old Ford Ka…



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5 Responses to You have to laugh at this…

  1. What language is that ? lol

    I’ve gone through three of these buggers. The worst was the one that works by using a blank part of the radio dial and then you transmit from there. Rubbish! I live in the largest city in Canada, 5th largest in North America. I dare you to try and find ANY blank part of the radio dial! it was a disaster. I have spent $100 on those things (one broke, one still works and the other was that rubbish). What we will do to listen to music…

  2. furtheron says:

    It was £1.99 including postage – clearly the same amount they paid for the translation service! So if it breaks it isn’t like I’m losing the farm on it. Given once the car is about 20mph you nearly have to shout over the rattles hifi quality isn’t much concern either… lol

  3. C says:

    I must admit I love looking at badly translated things – especially ones like this which you find yourself reading in an accent without even realising it (e.g. point 6 really does seem to prove the point that it was made in China).

    I’ve recently been working for a Korean publisher; fortunately my agent used a very good translator to enable smooth communications, but a couple of times the original messages were included in the emails in Korean text and out of curiosity I used the Google Translate button to see what would happen. The messages made no sense at all and sounded completely mad….! I guess language is far too idiosyncratic for a computer!

  4. Suburbia says:

    The dyslexic in me can’t see the problem!!

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