A new leg on the journey of life

On Tuesday Daughter-of-Furtheron took her driving test.  Now she’d been learning just about a year having started a little after her 17th birthday.  She’d always been on about learning to drive, I think for her it is a major part of showing she’s an adult and is all about a sense of freedom.

She’d been ready for a while I suspect as her instructor had pushed her finally to take her theory back in the Autumn but through a systems issue that got delayed and then she decided not to book the test until after the Christmas break.  She passed with one minor and that was in the section about general car knowledge not actually anything to do with her driving.  Her instructor is very experienced and said it was the best result he had ever had.

She text me straight after finishing the test with a very happy text.  On getting home Mrs F called up the insurance company and asked how much to put her on Mrs F’s car insurance for a month or so, we’re hoping to sort out another option in that time as Mrs F’s Mum has a little runabout sat in her garage that she hasn’t used in months since she broke her shoulder – currently the physio still won’t sign her fit to drive.  So plan is to get that running again and on the road for D-o-F until she goes to uni when frankly she won’t really need a car being on campus and close to all the city facilities.  It wasn’t as much as we feared and Mrs F sorted it out there and then.  The lady operator saying “Right then she is all ready to go right now”.  She was stood with the keys in her hand before the receiver was down.

So I caught the train home as usual, meeting up with a friend coming back from a business meeting in Birmingham.  Now Mrs F kindly drives towards the station most nights I commute picking me up about half way back home.  I knew what would happen.  As my friend and I walked up the road I saw the car there with two heads in it.

So finally enough of the back story.  The new leg in life was being driven by one of my children for the first time – my son has never yet learnt to drive, he’s never had a real desire/need to.  She really impressed me – but then I was thinking over these subtle yet large changes in life.  In the grand scheme of the world hardly a blip but for our family it isn’t a little thing – it is a significant step in her becoming an independent adult.

Got me thinking about all those things that you go through in life that from the outside look little but have a big bit meaning inside your little circle.  On the news daily big stuff is reported but often really that has little impact on me but this stuff this does have impact on me.  All part of reminding myself what is important to me – it isn’t a footballer making a gesture or not.  It isn’t whether inflation and unemployment figures might alter interest rates.  It is things like being driven home by my daughter for the first time.

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5 Responses to A new leg on the journey of life

  1. sherryd32148 says:

    This is HUGE. In the states EVERYONE (except a good number of New Yorkers) gets there driver’s license at age 16. Most of us are lined up at the Motor Vehicle department the morning of our 16th birthdays just waiting to get on the road ALONE.

    Knowing this I didn’t think it would have any impact on me when each of mine did it…I was wrong. Each time another one took the test and came to pick me up or ran to the store for me because I forgot butter, or salt or…whatever, I’d shake my head and mutter the inevitable, “Where did all the time go?”

    Congrats to Daughter of Furtherton. Hang tough dad.


  2. It was both good and bad when my son got his driver’s license last year. Good because we didn’t have to drive him home from school from after school activities. Bad because he abused it. And now he’s not allowed to drive until he straightens himself out.

    Of course, then he forgot his license/ID when we needed to get on an airplane last week and we had to pretend he was under 17 and unlicensed. I wonder if he’s ever going to grow up and be a responsible young adult.

    It’s so funny your son didn’t have any urge for a license. That seems unusual.

    • furtheron says:

      I think my son never bothered as he went to the local high school – frankly you can walk there quicker than you could drive given the traffic around us where as my daughter has quiet a journey to school – about 5 miles and she really hated buses by the time her friend started driving them to school in the summer. Also her main hobby, swimming, is for a club again about 10 miles away and she works there too – she just had more incentive due to her needs. My son always (until recently) has lived, worked and played in a very small radius

  3. daisyfae says:

    My daughter, the eldest, had virtually no interest in driving. She had a boyfriend who was quite happy to haul her wherever she wanted to go. We live in the suburbs, and there really aren’t public transportation options, so i had to strongly encourage her to get her license — i wanted her to maintain some degree of independence, and it is an important milestone. Now that she lives in Turkey, she doesn’t drive unless she comes home to visit!

    My son, however, wanted to drive from nearly birth! His dad would let him sit in his lap and steer the car in parking lots when he was about 3 or 4 years old. At 11, he voluntarily took on lawn mowing responsibility when we got the small lawn tractor. He was born to it…

    Congratulations to your daughter – i believe it is an important milestone, and she obviously put some effort into the training!

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