Interesting BBC article

Found this article on the BBC site today.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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3 Responses to Interesting BBC article

  1. From the article: “Alcoholics are people who fall asleep in skips. Alcoholics get into fights. Alcoholics start the day with a shot of whisky. Alcoholics are drunk all the time. Alcoholics can’t hold down jobs.”

    None of those were true for me (although I was technically drunk most of the time at the end of my run), but I am 100% an alcoholic. Which is why I tend to share that fact about myself because I think it debunks myths about alcoholism.

    • furtheron says:

      Like you I read this and part of my head is like “Oh, you’re one of these almost alcoholics”… rubbish. I cannot drink safely, only fix I’ve found is to not drink at all so it doesn’t invade my system and get out of control. But I never did those things… well ok I did get into a very few fights and I was “under the influence” most days … hmm… good old denial still a bitch ain’t it 😉

  2. 1looby says:

    I don’t give a shit about drinking safely and drink every day, all day long, and will do, until I die (and I couldn’t care less when that day is). The sole criterion on making me stop is whether I can afford it. In February I’m going off it for 5.5 weeks–simply to save money. I sometimes give it up for Lent but I’m moving it forward this year.

    The difference between an alcoholic and a not one (which I am not) is whether you’re using it hedonistically or not. Alcohol is a drug, and just as heroin isn’t the right thing for me, alcohol isn’t the right drug for a lot of people, but, like heroin, it temporarily blocks out a lot of things people don’t want to deal with.

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