No kids

Do you remember that awful set of initials from the 80s?  DINKY – yes Dinky – my wife and I were Dinky’s from 1985 to 1990.  Double Income No Kids Yet.  Then along came Son-of-Furtheron who is a now a 6ft bearded PhD Physics student who’s moved out… well I could still legitimately say “kid(s)” as Daughter-of-Furtheron was still a child.  Well no more – tomorrow morning the 22nd Nov she becomes an adult – yes my little (she still is bless her as she is only a shade over 5ft) girl turns 18.

I have no kids left – what do you call them now?  My adult offspring? 

Son-of-Furtheron will be heading home Friday night and then Saturday is her huge party – about 100 friends and family.  She wanted a party so Dad has had to dig into the coffers to pay up.

It’ll be a great time – if a little odd…   I have no kids any more … 😦

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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7 Responses to No kids

  1. Elsie says:

    Not true. You still have kids. They’ll always be your little ones no matter how old they are. Have a great time with party!!

  2. sherryd32148 says:

    Welcome to the party…it’s okay…we have cookies.

    And remember, they aren’t really gone until they get their crap out of your basement (or attic or their old bedrooms).


  3. looby says:

    Children are for life. Mine are almost 15 and the relationship just changes rather than turns into a separation. I prefer this phase though–I didn’t enjoy the childhood bit much.

    • furtheron says:

      I frankly don’t remember too much of my daughter’s early life. I was too drunk. So frankly any relationship with my kids (I’ll never stop calling them that) is a bonus.

  4. daisyfae says:

    As i watched my 24 year old son raise his right hand and take the oath as he entered military service, what i saw was the 5 year old boy, wearing oversized combat boots. We become proud of the adults they become, but those memories of the ‘kids’ never really go away…

    i’m on my second round of ’empty nest’ — they went away for university for several years, but seemed to keep bouncing back for a month or year here and there. With The Girl living in Turkey, and now The Boy off to serve, i am “Empty Nest For Real” now…. it opens up a very different world… Transitions are tough, though!

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