Alcohol Awareness Week

Next week (18th – 24th Nov) is Alcohol Awareness Week in the UK.  You didn’t know?  Well it is not the easiest thing to move up the agenda is it.

To coincide with this AA in Great Britain has made November AA Awareness Month.  Locally to me we’re trying to get some posters, details of local helplines and meetings to a variety of places.  Notably health professionals etc. who often are on the frontline in dealing with active drinkers.  I spent an hour or so yesterday wondering the local area popping into surgeries, pharmacies etc. dropping the stuff off.  I’m glad to say most were very supportive and willing to display it – one pharmacy was a bit cool with a comment along the lines of “we have policies on this stuff and I’m not sure this fits it”.  Whatever happened to initiative – the poster is laminated (often a need so it is wipe clean etc.) and so where is the issue is putting it up?  But their place, their rules.  I had a totally different experience in a large national chain pharmacy where the pharmacist was very interested in where the meetings were locally etc.  He said “Wow, I never knew there were so many meetings near here”.  You’re rarely 24 hours and 10 miles from a meeting in the county I live in…  I should remember to be grateful for that.

It was good for me to do this.  Regular readers know I’ve been questioning about my continued involvement in AA but this is stuff I consider important.  Who knows maybe no-one will read them etc. but even if just one person is lead to a sober life – via AA or not – by them or someone else seeing this stuff then that will be a priceless result.

To pick up on the Alcohol Concern Awareness Week again there are some great little facts/talking points on their material.  I’ve picked a few out that caught my attention.

People who work
are more likely to
drink alcohol than
unemployed people.
did you expect that?

Over 45s are three
times more likely
to drink alcohol
every day.
did you know that?

Alcohol is the
second biggest risk
factor for cancer
after smoking.
How does that make
you feel?

Around 200,000
people come to work
with a hangover
every day.
Makes you think
doesn’t it?

About furtheron

Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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4 Responses to Alcohol Awareness Week

  1. Actually, I’m not surprised at all by the first fact. The workplace is an environment that conducive to “needing” a drink. There are guys on my evening bus who crack open a beer as soon as we leave the terminal. They can’t even wait until they get home.

    When does the guitar auction end? Should I be asking this over at the other place?

  2. furtheron says:

    The auction still has about 5 days to go – but I think we’re into the serious bidders now… £1,200…

  3. daisyfae says:

    the statistics don’t surprise me entirely — but remind me that with the holidays coming i need to be mindful of my consumption. i’ve been trying to stick to weekends only, but there are far too many weekday opportuinties/excuses lurking through the end of the year…

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