A pill to make you drunk… another to make you sober

In the past I’ve had a lot or respect for Professor Nutt.  I’m not so sure about his latest idea, a pill that induces the same feelings in the brain as if you’re drunk.   Then there is an antagonist pill that you take to sober you up instantly – well something like that.

Brilliant – I’ll have half a dozen, no make that a dozen.  Exactly! The problem with problem drinkers is not that they drink but that they drink too much, for too long.  I fear this would simply be another pill/drink/potion to add to the long list that will be abused.  Maybe it is the answer for those that go out once in a while and have too many drinks, get a bit silly and say something inappropriate to their mates girlfriend.  For them maybe the controllable nature of the disorientation and reduction of side effects (to be proven) produced by alcohol might be good.  But for people like me?   I dread to think. Frankly he needn’t bother with the antagonist pill I mean why would I ever want that – drunk all the time, safely.    And if I took one today and it felt good, surely two tomorrow will feel doubly good, three next week would be mind blowing… wouldn’t it?

I won’t think about it the answer I’ll not even try the pill, I’ve managed in 9.5 years to live a far far better life, more productive, more caring, more real than I ever did with the constant of drink induced mania in my head that I best consider this as dangerous as the drink itself – and there in lies the issue for many alcoholics like me, they realise that drinking alcohol was a symptom of the problem and was in effect my default solution to the problem.  Can’t cope therefore I’ll drink etc.

In the UK we pump gallons and gallons of Methadone down the throats of Heroine addicts in an attempt to help them.  But is it really?  Many stay locked on that drug for longer than they were ever on the illegal versions – our death rates on that treatment are worryingly high (about 70% the rates of deaths due to Heroine (ONS 2011 figures)).  Would this just be the same, giving them a pill just stops them buying the booze and they are controlled drunks to a degree but are they well drunks?

I guarantee you I have no plans to sign up for this one.  I’m happy to be sober without alcohol and no need to change that thank you.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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4 Responses to A pill to make you drunk… another to make you sober

  1. Suburbia says:

    I never really understood why methadone was a solution? It’s always so interesting to here your views.

  2. Aunt Jax says:

    I agree… I thought the point of being sober was to be and live… sober? Hooray for you, I am proud for your success, happiness and continued sobriety.

  3. Ugh. That pill sounds like a very misguided idea. I can’t practically hear my alcoholic brain getting overly interested.

    My sister in law recently entered rehab for prescription pill addiction. We’re all worried about how she’s going to do coming out since she is the sort who always chooses the easy solution. Addicts don’t need more quick fix solutions. We need to do the hard work of recovery.

    A weird aside: as I was typing this, spellcheck replaced “solutions” in the previous paragraph with “shrooms”. We addicts don’t need those either. Lol.

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