Spiritual Enlightenment

I have a friend who once the following said to me.

The path to Spiritual Enlightenment has two stages.

After years of suffering and struggle you reach the first basic stage of understanding which is that “Everything will be alright“.

Then if you work hard and after many years of further study you can achieve the highest level of enlightenment.  And that is “Actually it is alright now!“.

I’m reminded of it today.  We’ve had some bad news – I’ve not liked 2013 it has been littered with too much bad news, some really good but too much bad – the father of a good friend of our daughter’s has been battling cancer for some time.  Sadly the decision has had to be taken to withdraw active treatment as there is no more to be done now but palliative care.  So very sad and awful.

Today I’m working hard just on the first part of my Enlightened path – the second one can go to hell in a handcart for a while!

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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4 Responses to Spiritual Enlightenment

  1. Sorry to hear this news. Everyone has their annus horribilis. Mine was 2009. It’ll end.

  2. daisyfae says:

    That is terrible news. i think getting to that first stage of enlightenment is a good goal. i’ve had glimpses of the second — but always know that it is transient. Here’s to better days ahead for you and your clan.

  3. looby says:

    Just trying to salvage some thread of good out of this bad news–at least, I hope, now he can have some rest from what in my very limited secondhand experience, can be the really aggressive treatments for cancer, and enjoy his remaining time in peace and tranquility.

    And 2014’s just around the corner–here’s hoping it improves on this one.

  4. Elsie says:

    This is sad news, indeed. I always try to remember that if God brings us to it He’ll leads us through it. I pray for the family.

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