Where are my comments going?

Hmm … Annoyed!

I’ve noticed that when I try to comment on some peoples blogs my comments are not appearing.

Seems that WordPress has decided I’m a spammer!!  What?!

Oh well. I’ll continue to read and will comment even if WordPress then bins then instantly. And to think I was telling others to move over here. I might have to revert to Blogger and delete myself off here. Frustrating.

About furtheron

Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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10 Responses to Where are my comments going?

  1. 1looby says:

    WordPress is a PITA all round. I host mine myself and it all comes out of a database under my control. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve but it’s worthwhile if you can get the hang of it. I really don’t like other people making that kind of decision for me.

  2. I moved from Blogger to self-hosted and it’s a massive pain in the ass. Unlike my friend looby, I don’t have the intellectual capital required to take that learning curve at a high rate of speed without spinning out and smashing into a brick wall. But don’t let that discourage you…

  3. Hey, I noticed that! I went into my spam comments folder the other day and saw a bunch of your comments had been put there (of course, I immediately “un-spammed” them). Hmm. I don’t know. Is looby saying that we should try self-hosting through WordPress? I’ve thought about just paying for my domain and/or self-hosting through WP, but haven’t put in enough time to figure it out. I, too, had trouble a while ago trying to post comments (WP was making me enter my login info even though I was logged in already on the site), but that seems to have gone away.

    • looby says:

      Hello Drunky Drunk Girl–no, I was suggesting abandoning WP altogether since just self-hosting under WP wouldn’t solve the false spam positives.

      FWIW I use the free software from b2evolution.net and then the domain name and the hosting costs £22/year from tsohost.com/.

      And here we go–QED. I put hyperlinks in to those two sites and it wouldn’t let me post the comment. Because clearly I am spamming this site.

  4. Hey Graham, A lot of folks are having that issue. Askimet has apparently tightened up their controls, but you can email them directly.

    See this thread for contact info:

    Hope it helps (and yes, you had gone to my SPAM folder as well)

  5. Susanne says:

    WordPress is great but self-hosted is so much better. There you can decide for yourself what antispam plugin to use, there are so many better plugins than Akismet.
    Not to mention how much cheaper it is (unless you use the free version of wp.com, of course).

  6. Graham Hunt says:

    I’m such an idiot!

    Looky here – just log in to workpress sites as Google+ and I can comment! Okay no longer Furtheron but that all got lost ages back really anyway…

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