Course – week 2

The course continues. Good news we’ve a week off next week for “half term” – hang on we’ve only done two weeks you say, indeed my sort of intensive schedule this is. 😉 Actually there is some design in this as this week was the second week of necessary grounding and introduction before we start to get into the real work of learn and applying skills, so a break now does make logical sense. 

So what have a learnt so far? We’ve talked a lot about the role of a helper/helpee or counsellor/client and the boundaries and responsibilities that places on the helper. In reviewing the ethical framework that the governing body has in place there is a lot to think about. I have so say it does all feel a bit daunting when thinking that I’ve got to have all this lot in the back of my head whilst also trying to do the actual counselling? Needing to consider what the person is saying in relationship to the level you are competent to deal with, whether they or anyone else is at serious risk of harm, whether your own responses are being judgemental or you are restricting someones access to help through explicit or obscured prejudices.

But that is the point of drilling this stuff in early so you are aware of the responsbilities before you start the practice, better to be a jibbering wreck as you try to apply all of this in the first few practice sessions on the course rather than someone say two weeks before you take the exam – “Oh by the way, there’s all this other stuff you have to worry about as well”.

All good therefore and I have to say I headed to the course with a feeling of trepidation possibly higher than the first week, which seems odd but I suppose that was the “So what is this really going to be like?” concerns. However I left there at the end of the night with real enthusiasm for this.

I feel that this is also going to really help me ground myself and get myself to a point in my life and development that will truly give me a sense of purpose I’ve been lacking for a while.

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2 Responses to Course – week 2

  1. looby says:

    You’re a brave man — I’ve been working on reception at [well-known counselling organisation] for 15 months and I have discovered a new admiration for the counsellors. That ability to think yourself into someone else’s shoes and to try to get them to overcome the thngs that are getting them in a mess–I suppose we all think we can do it because we do it to some extent with good friends, but it’s a whole different ball game, and a lot more complpicated, with people you don’t know who might be facing various things, mental, physical, financial, psychological, emotional.

    Well crack on my friend and power to your elbow!

  2. Heavy stuff. But I’m glad someone like you is getting into counseling. I’ve had some amazing counselor a and some that were so-so, and one that was just clueless. I also know people who had harmful therapists or ones who were just too caught in themselves to be of real use to their clients.

    But there’s nothing better than a good counselor you can trust and feel safe with. I feel like you could be that sort of counselor for others.

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