BBC3 programme on Alcohol Abuse in Young People

I caught the backend of this programme last night.

If you can watch in your region I’d recommend it – especially if you have or know older teenage kids, sit with them and watch this and then have an open and frank conversation about alcohol and what it can do to you.  Warning – this does have some harrowing scenes in it but if you want to get a small look at what alcoholism can do to some people and their families watch it.

The most distressing for me was a Mum and Sister talking about a guy who did just simply drink himself to death in his 20s.  Ok I made it to my 40s but that scene could have been my family now if I’d not finally admitted defeat.  Any right minded person would watch this and say “But why didn’t the guy just stop drinking if it was killing him?”  

Indeed, why not?  

Because alcoholism isn’t like that – that is what separates me (the alcoholic) from you (the non-alcoholic).  Let us say you feel unwell repeatedly, to the point of difficulty breathing and your face and mouth swell up.  Say this happens a few times and gets more serious to the point you get admitted to hospital during an episode.  They run some tests and say “You are allergic to tomatoes”.  You realise that this happened after eating pizza or bolognaise or curry.   So you what would you do?  Stop eating tomatoes clearly.  But then your mates come round tempting you back to the pizzahut and you go and you’re hospitalised again – seriously.  They discharge you.  You go straight to the nearest Pret and buy a cheese and tomato sandwich.  Madness… indeed and that is alcoholism for you… madness.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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