It is was it is

We’re waiting this weekend for some good news.  My nephews partner went into hospital on Saturday after her waters broke.  My brother is going to be a Granddad.  How the hell did that happen – how did we get old enough to be having grandkids?  I’m already a granduncle twice over to my sisters lad who has two lovely little ones.  We’re only a bit behind since I’m the youngest of my siblings.

I wonder where my life has gone?  I’m now 51.  No age you may think but sadly in my family all my Granddads, Uncles, my Dad etc. never made it out of their 50s into their 60s.  I find myself a bit wallowing on that and worrying about it, am I to follow a similar decline and the family black humour of “into the last ten” is to be fulfilled.   Well I’ve bravely stupidly decided to jump out the rat race to a degree go part time and start to study to become a counsellor.  However if I am to die in my 50s part of me wonders why I’m bothering, I’ll possibly never make it to the end of the training.

Enough of this negative clap trap.  I’m not my forebears, my Dad smoked most of his life, he worked in a physical job for 42 years and it took its toll.  He had hips that no-longer worked, awful varicose veins from being on his feet all day etc. Sidenote – I caught the end of a programme saying office workers like me should all ditch our chairs and stand at high desks all days to lose weight and improve our hearts etc.  Hmm… you should have seen my poor Dad hobbling around the last few years of his life then you’d wonder if a job on your feet for 10 hours everyday and a 6 mile bike ride too and from work is such a healthy option in the long run.  Back on track… I stopped smoking in my early 20s, finally kicked the booze in my early 40s and whilst I can’t exercise as much as I’d like (honestly folks it is the major trigger for my migraine vertigo attacks) I walk a reasonable bit etc.  So I should make a few more years yet.  Hopefully until I’m a funny old Granddad reading Thomas the Tank Engine stories and Captain Pugwash tales to our own addition to the family.

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Music and guitar obsessive who is a recovering alcoholic to boot
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2 Responses to It is was it is

  1. You seemed fit and healthy to me. Walking is great exercise.

  2. sherryd32148 says:

    Listen, you have to stick around long enough for me to come to London and visit…and at the rate my finances are going, that won’t be for at least another 10 years which will carry you into your 60’s thereby breaking the curse.

    You can thank me when I visit.


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