Sad Deaths

I’m a big motor racing fan – my review of Rush the movie will have shown that no doubt.

Over the last few days the motor racing world has lost a couple of fantastic people –

Firstly Maria De Villota – who passed away as a result of injuries sustained in an F1 test last year.  She had looked like she’d made a recovery and was busy with road safety campaigns and the like when suddenly she was found dead. If the crash hadn’t happened she would have probably been the first female to race in F1 in the modern era.  She was the daughter of a previous F1 driver and a great loss.

The other sad death is of Sean Edwards, I watched Sean race this year at Silverstone in the Porsche race supporting the F1 races.  He was a very talented driver.  He was killed when a car he was actually coaching another driver in crashed in Australia and caught on fire.  His Dad was also an old F1 driver, Guy Edwards, famous for pulling Niki Lauda from his firey crash in 1976.  Sean played his father in the film Rush recently.  There is some twisted irony in his fate.   Sad times both people who risk a lot and both die as a result of on track dramas but neither of them actually behind the wheel at the time of their deaths.  Struck me as extremely odd that for some reason.  

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