Jobs a good’un

this is brilliant on so many levels.

Own two feet

I never really believed I could get the job. After I was shortlisted for the interview there was a moment when hope dared to flutter into my thoughts, but I quickly buried it under my concrete insecurities. The role was far too out of reach for me. I didn’t have the right experience. I would get found out in the interview. My wife and my friends at work cheer led from the sidelines as best they could, but I became increasingly afraid as I thought about the next stage in the process.  

It takes me two scans through my care file to find it. ‘On 3rd October, 1988 [mum] phones Social Services saying she had left both boys with a neighbour and that she had no intention of collecting them as she could not cope’.

I have tried to remember that day a number of times throughout my…

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2 Responses to Jobs a good’un

  1. Thank you for this link. I related to his post in so many ways.

    • Thank you so much for reposting and thank you pandora for the read. It means a lot to connect with people through the blog. At the start this was about raising the profile of the care experience, but now it is clear that a lot of these things are not exclusive to people brought up in care. Having people comment back has really shown that and its great when people share their thoughts in this way…so thank you both! x

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