Jon Gomm – Sittingbourne Avenue Theatre 1st Sept

Last night Mrs F, I and a couple of friends went to see Jon Gomm at the Avenue Theatre in Sittingbourne.  Firstly the Avenue Theatre is a great little intimate venue available for community hires etc.  It was an ideal venue for seeing Jon up close, we were in the back row but still closer to him that you’d be in many venues on the first row.  Sound quality was superb throughout.

Jon started with a couple of new songs off his new album “Secrets Nobody Keeps” firstly the excellent opening track “Telepathy” and then the superb instrumental “Wukan Motorcycle Kid” – which has an interesting tale behind its inspiration.  If you want to know… go see Jon on the tour!! HAHA!

Jon was a bit nervous starting with new songs as clearly they aren’t so engrained in the memory bank as his older material, but he needn’t have been they were executed in his unique style with total aplomb.  Jon then ran through a set of older material and newer material off the album including a couple of duets with Natasha Koczy on saxophone and vocals on the track “There’s no need to be afraid”.

Jon gave us a lesson on how to play percussive acoustic guitar showing how to bring a whole drum kit then bass and finally guitar and vocals to create a track… much accompanied by many musician gags about drummers like “they only need to count to four to count in the songs and also so they can’t work out what percentage their fee should be”…  boom boom.  His lovely big bodied Lowden shows the many many scars on its body of his attacking playing style.  He introduced the guitar as “Wilma” which is the name she has had for a long time, someone shouted back “Hello Wilma” and Jon pointed out “It’s only a guitar you know”.  That just shows the lovely interaction and banter that Jon has with his audiences.

Jon closed his set with his “big hit” Passionflower which was the song that brought him to mine and many others attention before an encore including a complete unplugged number which would put pay to anyone out there who would dare to say his sound is all due to the electronics… it isn’t!

Fantastic gig – Jon’s Facebook page has his tour dates up do yourself a huge favour and go see him it’ll make your day.

A quick word for Sam Little who was the support act – Jon picked him from a competition to find local support acts for the tour. Sam had good songs and a great vocal style worth checking out.

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